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"Fire hazard!. This is a fire hazard. My eight-year-old daughter went to put something on the counter and it blew up on her and burnt her."
Product Safety asks that you please respond to the above concern by taking the following steps:
1. MOST IMPORTANT: Submit all relevant safety testing data and certification for the item. We ask you include testing specifically relating to the incident in question. Please refer to the attached word document of “Product Compliance Guidelines” if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: An MSDS does not suffice for safety testing. 
If you have questions about the appropriate standards for the product, please consult with the laboratory directly.
2. Complete the attached Product Safety Questionnaire. The questionnaire is geared towards addressing the safety concern that the customer has brought up. Please reach out to the manufacturer of the product for the details you might not have.
3. Provide images of the product (front, back, accessories, and packaging). Images should include: model/serial number, safety/compliance marks & logos and safety labels & warnings on the product or packaging. Please also attach a copy of the instruction manual.
4. To evidence electronic safety certification, the certification with the name of the certifying
agency and file number should be included. The submitted product must be represented by a
unique model number and should match the model number listed in the certification. This
certification must be completed by an ILAC-MRA approved ISO 17025 certified testing
Thank you for your swift attention to this matter. We look forward to resolving this to our mutual customer’s satisfaction.
Please note: 
While we investigate, product will remain unavailable for purchase from our website.
If the above documentation request is not completed in entirety within 7 days the case will be closed and the ASIN will remain suppressed.